When Xia Jian was about to speak,Bai Li and the others walked into the office together。So he pressed the words back to the throat。

“Call in Bai Li and Chen Lan,Let me tell you a few things”Xia Jian suddenly said to Guan Tingna。 Guan Tingna walked out of Xia Jian’s office,Called Bai Li and Chen Lan in。Chen Lan entered Xia Jian’s office,A little embarrassed to say:“Sorry Mr. Xia!Came a little late today,The bus had a little trouble on theRead more

Just because it is“Dumb”,Look honestly,There is no bad habits for the high wine colorful wine without Xuan Ming.,So Zhao Min trust some。

“It’s you?”Golden Flower Mother-in-law is already preparing to kill the Kutu man,Always wait for an opportunity to go。 How is it at this time?,I met my own enemies。 Although Fan Yai is more than ten years ago,Some changes in the figure、appearance……Specially more ugly,But the golden flower mother-in-law does not recognize the destruction.,But I have neverRead more

The interior of Nangar Temple is huge,The courtyard of the front hall is actually several times larger than the small square outside the mountain gate,More than 200 people thrown in and they are unconsciously crowded,Li Tianzhi concentrated on observing these selected believers,Have several notable features,Not extremely energetic,Is a strong body,There is unabashed worship and fanaticism in everyone’s eyes,Li Tianzhen dare to decide,There is no creation in these 200-odd numbers,All living mortals。

PS:Sorry,A little hurry today,Try to make up for the missing words tomorrow。 ———— Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Six Tentative These believers are obviously fanatics except for Li Tianzhu,Although I know how to converge when I come in,Still self-control,But in front of the main hall,Especially after the monks left,These people can’t help it anymore,Secretly stretchRead more

“Speaking that people in the city will be good.。”

Liu Mountain has not waited for another, and it starts to make brains.。 Liu Yanfeng is naturally very happy.。 “become,Since you want to do,That’s the nature of my sister, I have to go out this foot.。” “Tonight, my sister went to buy two bottles of good wine.,You are with your sister,Sister opening,You arrive at theRead more

before,The spiritual realm is an ordinary pasture,Dragon beast inside,The nourishment is nothing but growth。

But now it’s a fertile aura,Sleep inside,The cultivation base is faster than those monsters in the jungle looking for spirit fruits! “Source Spirit Realm。” “It seems to be increased to fifty times。” “Fifty times faster,Not to mention that this will greatly improve dragon breeding in the future,Absorb the aura of the Yunhai Spirit Eye again,XiaoRead more

Although the three of them are not the main players of the Blades,But their military skills,Military qualities are not weaker than anyone。

Three to one,For Qin Hao,Tremendous stress,Especially the tacit understanding between the three of them。 Strictly guard against,Don’t give Qin Hao any chance to break,And a fierce attack came towards Qin Hao。 Can only say that,Qin Hao can’t find an effective breakthrough。 “Enter the automatic combat simulation system,”System news emerged in my mind。 Immediately Qin HaoRead more


Looking at the beauty of the three clothes,Liao Wenjie’s brain floated a series of question marks,This police is not strong,There are so many beautiful women.,It’s too unreasonable.。 Dare to ask,Is Zhao Guard?? the other side,Sheng II, anti-defense alarm,Three fangs in the enemy,And are beautiful women,I don’t have to come to tears.。 Brief introduction,Liao Wenjie learnedRead more

Chen Gui is asking for directions,If Wang Youcai won’t answer his call,,Or it has been shut down,This shows that Meizi has something to do with him,This shows the guilty conscience。But when his phone rang, Wang Youcai picked it up,This shows that there is no ghost in his heart。

Chen Gui on the phone sighed and said:“I came back from a trip today,Found Meizi lying naked in the quilt,The key is that there is a small dining table on the kang,The cutlery on the table is for two people” “You caught someone?”When Wang Youcai asked this,,Almost laughed。He didn’t enter the hall directly,But entered theRead more

Xia Jian crept open the door,Soon Zhou Li walked out holding Xiao Chenchen。Xia Jian took over Xiao Chenchen,Kept carrying him to the car parked on the side of the road。

Zhou Li went back and took some things from Xiao Chenchen,Mentioned it。Xia Jian watched Zhou Li get in the car,Then waved,Turned away。 “Xia Jian!When you need help,Despite opening”Zhou Li suddenly stretched her head out of the window,I lowered my voice and shouted something like this。 Xia Jian didn’t look back,Did not speak,He walked back toRead more

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