“This is colleague’s car,She asked me to drive her to Pingdu by the way。Your sister-in-law!She doesn’t have this blessing,She shouldn’t even be able to ride a bicycle”Xia Jian said,Ben haha laughed。

Xi Zhen sighed and said:“I didn’t expect,Our suave manager Xia,The marriage partner is so low-key” “Oh!Beyond your expectation?”Xia Jian drove the car,While joking with Xi Zhen。 Xi Zhen sighed and said:“It really is。I thought,Your significant other,Not boss,Just**Official。Because i found,All around you are such beauties” What Xi Zhen said,Are all based,She doesn’t talk nonsense。With Xia JianRead more

Think of these,Wang Degui let out a long breath。

Suddenly a woman’s voice came from the gate:“Is this Wang Youcai’s house??” Wang Degui was taken aback,Can’t help but look up,I saw a very fashionable woman standing at the gate,It can be seen from her dress and temperament,She is by no means a rural person。 Chen Yueqin, who was cooking in the kitchen, heard theRead more

Isn’t it dying????

Why isn’t the skin and the body together?!! “Don’t panic,Don’t panic……Big black crocodile,what……Why is there still light in your overflowing blood!”Xiaoli was surprised。 “Oh!!”Big Black Tooth took another look at his wound,It really is,Blood is glowing!! Over,Dead,Can’t cure!! “Master,Master,Not good,Not good!!”Xiaoli ran to the inner room in a panic。 The old gentleman glared at theRead more

then,Director Chen walked to Lu Yi’s side,Whispered in his ear:“young people,Endurance,Otherwise I can no longer guarantee that this watch will be broken for a few minutes……”

【This book was first published on the Zongzhong Chinese website,Please support genuine,Happy reading!】 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Four FlowersVSOscar(ten) Real-time score:“FP.Flowers:Oscar,Kill score16:45!” “Teammates,hold onto!I believe Master Lu and Zhang Song will be here soon!”Feng Xichuan almost exhausted his most strength。 They are worth showing off,This game,They just delayed the game time30Minutes later…… AndRead more

Afternoon,Various merchants opened,Hold some celebratory ceremonies,For a while,Rumbling,Various colored ribbons floated over the eastern wholesale market。

The owner has not finished,West home has started,For a while,This place becomes a sea of joy。Ma Xiaoli, who has been with Xia Jian, said with a thumbs up:“President Xia!Good for you,After such a toss,On TV at night,Every major newspaper will report again tomorrow,It’s strange that the eastern wholesale market is not hot” “Don’t we wantRead more


Let other members of the Annoying Academy leave,Zhu Minglang screwed Lian Feiling,Take Liang Zhong to Runyu City。 Lian Feiling is very angry,He is the Dean,How can I be dragged around like an old dog,The most hateful thing is Liang Zhong’s extra indulgence to Zhu Minglang! When we are about to arrive at Runyu City,Liang ZhongRead more

“Hello!My name is Qi Rui!”

“My name is Chen Jiaying.!Ph.D. in Japan!Just return to China!See you here to recruit a doctor,And a lot of salary,So just try!is it okay?” “sure!Please tell me to the office.!” Chen Jiaying laughed with Fu Ying Xueyou,Then follow Rui Rui to the first floor office。 “Is the beauty of the embroidery??”Chen Jiaying asked, “Be right!ProficientRead more

First1026chapter Almost caught

This lamb is eating,But the scent of sorrow also provokes。 When Ma Hongfang proposed,If she gets divorced,To let Wang Youcai support her,Wang Youcai’s heart still stunned,You said it’s okay to play casually,He pays a little money,Doesn’t matter,If you really want him to raise,He doesn’t have this in his heart。 “okay!You go,I just talk about,We won’tRead more

White figure comes from flash special effects,French Hai Li in the mountain,Looking at the flood of the running,Frown:“The natural disasters will be found,But I am compassionate,Let the poor help you escape the bad luck。”

Say,His dish is sitting down,Thoughtful and light golden light,And the knife is pressed against the water。 “Nanlu,Wash away the fierce,Yang Bing sprinkles,Puzzle,I have a spell today.,Cleanweather。” “open!!” Switch is divided into two,The invisible wind is open to the rush,Prestigious torrent,Guide it in the underground。 Pressure reduction,Small jackets said in Bai Suzhen:“elder sister,It is the monkRead more

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