The eight fairy table in the yard is equipped with Taishi Chair.,It is a person who will enjoy it.,The ancient breath is also blowing。

Under the bouncing table,The original bluestone ground seems to be high-end atmosphere.。 Even if the small grass in the blue stone gap is as if it is deliberate。 “Lee brother,You can count,How about it? Is there a shock??” For the present decoration design,Ye Shuangzhou is very satisfied。 “Hey-hey,I am sure that I am shocked.,But thisRead more

Who could this be?Xia Jian was puzzled,Is it because I have a magic angle?It should be impossible!This kind of thing has never happened to him。

Back to my room,Xia Jian fetched a basin of water,Cleaned the room well。Once the room is cleaned,Xia Jian felt hungry。No wonder,I still had lunch,It’s this time,I’m not hungry。 When Xia Jian was thinking about how to settle his stomach first,Suddenly there was a slight sound of footsteps in the yard,Immediately after his door opened,Ma YanRead more

Just because it is“Dumb”,Look honestly,There is no bad habits for the high wine colorful wine without Xuan Ming.,So Zhao Min trust some。

“It’s you?”Golden Flower Mother-in-law is already preparing to kill the Kutu man,Always wait for an opportunity to go。 How is it at this time?,I met my own enemies。 Although Fan Yai is more than ten years ago,Some changes in the figure、appearance……Specially more ugly,But the golden flower mother-in-law does not recognize the destruction.,But I have neverRead more

Chen Gui is asking for directions,If Wang Youcai won’t answer his call,,Or it has been shut down,This shows that Meizi has something to do with him,This shows the guilty conscience。But when his phone rang, Wang Youcai picked it up,This shows that there is no ghost in his heart。

Chen Gui on the phone sighed and said:“I came back from a trip today,Found Meizi lying naked in the quilt,The key is that there is a small dining table on the kang,The cutlery on the table is for two people” “You caught someone?”When Wang Youcai asked this,,Almost laughed。He didn’t enter the hall directly,But entered theRead more

“Hello!My name is Qi Rui!”

“My name is Chen Jiaying.!Ph.D. in Japan!Just return to China!See you here to recruit a doctor,And a lot of salary,So just try!is it okay?” “sure!Please tell me to the office.!” Chen Jiaying laughed with Fu Ying Xueyou,Then follow Rui Rui to the first floor office。 “Is the beauty of the embroidery??”Chen Jiaying asked, “Be right!ProficientRead more

In the eyes of the waning moon world god,That is the power of totally subversive cognition。

One world,It’s also comparable to the Three Footpath? In her cognition,Even if it’s mental flow,Has a godlike body comparable to that of a Taoist monarch、Mana,Master the strongest way of integration,At best, his strength is close to the threshold of the Three-Step Dao Monarch.。 Waning Moon World God will not question the intelligence information given toRead more

And next,Li speaks with the wind and talks about the other private letter.,As a result, the general price is not high.,The highest is that 100,000。

This makes Li Hui, I didn’t have confidence in Tianqi, who can sell it.。 but,He believes that the medicinal materials cultivated in Xianquan will not be poor.,Tian Qi’s main effect is to stop bleeding,There are many other functions.,But widely used or hemostasis pain。 The next morning,Li Hui received a unfamiliar number。 Xia Xue is aRead more

“Remember but remember,But what did you do!”Yun Shangxin’s tone suddenly became severe,Yelling at Yun Kongming。

“Sorry grandpa,I’m wrong” “It’s a good thing to know the wrong and correct it,Raise your head” Yun Kongming slowly raised his head,A few drops of sweat appeared on my face。 Yun Shangxin looked at Yun Kongming for a while,Slowly shook his head“Your heart is still not at home,It’s just an ant that hasn’t grown upRead more

“Lu Master!!”

Gao Bao was shocked,This sound is the land law and Lu Dogu, which has already feathed.! “This little lady came to my temple to pray.,The mouth is medcof, and it is praying for the father.,Hey,But let the Buddha have a good Lang Jun。 After she left,The capital is going to the door to find theRead more

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