Wang Guilan, who was about to talk, was hugged by Wang Youcai,at this time,A man’s voice came from outside the door:“Guilan!Get me some money,I’m going to a wedding where I can add friends”

“Waiting outside”Wang Guihua shouted,Struggling,He broke free from Wang Youcai’s embrace。 Wang Youcai hurriedly picked up a jar of mustard and walked out,He had a face-to-face encounter with the man who walked in,This man is not someone else,Which man is Wang Guilan?。 “Boss Wang!Then I will add another jar of mustard to the account”Wang Guilan pretendedRead more

Guo Xiaoyi said confidently。

“No way!” Wang Yufei cuts the railroad:“Since there are so many schools to choose from,And it is clearly stated that it can be recommended or waived for admission,Then I don’t think you can choose Huaqing。of course,I’m not saying that Huaqing is not good,If you like science、Engineering and even some unpopular border subjects,Huaqing is indeed oneRead more

But there is a sentence.——Everyone is so familiar.,If the Chu Deirers must want to have a ladder,Not can’t teach,After all, it is just a light power.。

Wusang ladder is really a big name,Although it is not like Tai Chi Sword,It is the town of Wudang,But it is also equivalent to Jin Yanong’s full-term education、Can be considered Wudang’s signature。 certainly,What is the right foot?,The original is not,Only similar operations have been in the drama,However, Guo Jingxue is Jin Yan.。 Because“Ladder cloud”This name,ThereRead more


Looking at the beauty of the three clothes,Liao Wenjie’s brain floated a series of question marks,This police is not strong,There are so many beautiful women.,It’s too unreasonable.。 Dare to ask,Is Zhao Guard?? the other side,Sheng II, anti-defense alarm,Three fangs in the enemy,And are beautiful women,I don’t have to come to tears.。 Brief introduction,Liao Wenjie learnedRead more

Isn’t it dying????

Why isn’t the skin and the body together?!! “Don’t panic,Don’t panic……Big black crocodile,what……Why is there still light in your overflowing blood!”Xiaoli was surprised。 “Oh!!”Big Black Tooth took another look at his wound,It really is,Blood is glowing!! Over,Dead,Can’t cure!! “Master,Master,Not good,Not good!!”Xiaoli ran to the inner room in a panic。 The old gentleman glared at theRead more

Wang Youcai comforted Ni Xiaoli,So I took time to go back to Xiping Village。As soon as he arrived at the door of his house,Everything in the courtyard has changed。The main body of the new house is fully completed,The workers are busy painting。

Chen Gui, who was supervising the work, greeted Wang Youcai when he saw Wang Youcai。He laughed:“How about boss king?Still satisfied?” Wang Youcai walked in,Said with a smile:“Really good,You have worked hard。After completion,I will reward you well” “Forget the reward,You can’t forget about my work”Chen Gui with a smiley face,Speak softly。 Wang Youcai stopped,He glanced atRead more

See these,at this time,For the moment,Actually such a problem,It’s still completely necessary to solve the problem.。

“Don’t do it,We surrender。” For the moment,Actually they don’t know,What should I do now。 But it looks like,Next,Surrender first。 As for the owner of the Hong family,He can still be a little influential when he is alive。 but now,He is dead。 Are these people,Also because of Hong Deshao,Offended Wang Teng? If you do,obviously,Definitely a veryRead more

It should be a look that I have just graduated.。

Young people saw Zhou Yelai,It seems a bit surprised in the eyes,Looking at such a young outpatient doctor,Some can’t believe。 He licks his belly while,On the side of the social security card, I have given it to Ye Ye.:“Physician,I have a stomach ache……Disadvantageous。” Another hurry? Zhou Ye has a lightning thoughts in our brain sea,AlmostRead more

“just you,Is Uncle Zhu’s head short-circuited??Will let you take over?”Zhang Siwei laughed,“Look at yourself,Does it look like a boss??”

“My hair、clothes、leather shoes,Which is not like a boss?”Zhu Yi stand up,Walked twice in front of Zhang Siwei。 The assistant knocked on the door and walked in,Pour a cup of tea for Zhang Siwei,Then turned his head and said to Zhu Yi,“Mr. Zhu,The front desk said that someone brought in more than ten drinks,Do not knowRead more

The other one is,That person,Is an old man。

But Lin Yu in front of me,It’s just a young man。 So young,Even has a fourth-level alchemist。 A lot of people,I doubt Lin Yu’s identity。 Lin Yu is suspicious of others,known long time ago。 but,Doubt, doubt,Has nothing to do with me at all。 because,I have to set up a stall here。 I was in DanhuiRead more

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