“Ok!Let’s talk about it after we meet,I let Ali pick you up”Luo Yi finished this sentence,Hung up before Xia Jian could speak。

Xia Jian understands Luo Yi’s meaning,That means Ali must come to pick him up,Let him go to her house,Nothing more。 If this matter is to be put before,Xia Jian is too happy,But now it’s different。Because if he didn’t guess wrong,Luo Yi has a famous flower,He is going to the Luo family at this time,Isn’t itRead more

before,The spiritual realm is an ordinary pasture,Dragon beast inside,The nourishment is nothing but growth。

But now it’s a fertile aura,Sleep inside,The cultivation base is faster than those monsters in the jungle looking for spirit fruits! “Source Spirit Realm。” “It seems to be increased to fifty times。” “Fifty times faster,Not to mention that this will greatly improve dragon breeding in the future,Absorb the aura of the Yunhai Spirit Eye again,XiaoRead more

First1026chapter Almost caught

This lamb is eating,But the scent of sorrow also provokes。 When Ma Hongfang proposed,If she gets divorced,To let Wang Youcai support her,Wang Youcai’s heart still stunned,You said it’s okay to play casually,He pays a little money,Doesn’t matter,If you really want him to raise,He doesn’t have this in his heart。 “okay!You go,I just talk about,We won’tRead more

White figure comes from flash special effects,French Hai Li in the mountain,Looking at the flood of the running,Frown:“The natural disasters will be found,But I am compassionate,Let the poor help you escape the bad luck。”

Say,His dish is sitting down,Thoughtful and light golden light,And the knife is pressed against the water。 “Nanlu,Wash away the fierce,Yang Bing sprinkles,Puzzle,I have a spell today.,Cleanweather。” “open!!” Switch is divided into two,The invisible wind is open to the rush,Prestigious torrent,Guide it in the underground。 Pressure reduction,Small jackets said in Bai Suzhen:“elder sister,It is the monkRead more

“Oh!Oh I see!She pulled me to drink,I want to make you angry on purpose。Fortunately, Hu Huiru came forward,Otherwise she won’t let go of me“Xia Jian said,Can’t help but shook his head。

Yao Junli smiled and said:“Doing business in a big city,Much harder than a small city,Especially the relationship with these people,Very difficult to handle。Don’t look at this President Hu,People are beautiful,Can do something,Heart black and spicy。Normally men are not her opponents“ “is it!She seems to be a poisonous snake!I’ll be with you tonight,Really a mistake“Xia JianRead more

So the newer the scales that fall,More reference value!

“Dark Star Grass,Mountain top,waterfall,Moon shortage……”Li Xinghua is mumbling to himself。 She saw a footprint,Stomping heavily on the dark star grass growing on the mountain wall,At the same time a piece of broken scale feather hung on the dark star grass。 Then she saw a mountain top,Followed by a waterfall,Finally, there is a round of missingRead more


Lyon,Demolish window、Claw,Today, he will do these two things.,Although the zombie is destroyed,It can be found in a look at the thrill of the game.。 Do not close。 “Clock long,Let’s go to your home first.,Tools with ways,Tonight, the police,Tomorrow’s early opening day。” “Can,I have no problem to do the Father of Fax tonight.。” “Night in theRead more

Chen Xiaoju on the phone said repeatedly:“Ok!I know”

After hanging up,Then Wang Youcai asked Mao Sen softly:“where are we going?” “Not going anywhere,Right in your car,You asked me to get 100,000 yuan in cash,Let’s clean up。If there is half a word,Then I’ll send you a step ahead”Mason said,Nodded Wang Youcai’s head with a pistol。 Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“You really knowRead more

“Not with。”

“Not with。” “……” Only 30 seconds left,The croupier is the last hand。 “Buck teeth,This is your last chance,You won’t beat me,Just tap the number and lose to me!” Lin Han turned out a red heartAShow up。 He Rongsheng looked at the two hole cards,What turned out was a spadeA。 “Since you are so persistent, youRead more

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