This period of time is all good news,Tan Hongchun is honest,Pantech is dying,One more kick will basically raise your braids,Geng Laowu hid far away in the valley and didn’t dare to move,His proud disciple Li Tianchou squatted in the prison and waited to take a gun.。Ha ha,great,Great!Let you see whose world Fukuyama is,Overpowering,Run here to grab food with Lao Tzu,Is it too long??

So many good things,Can’t even think about it,Under the praise of several brothers,Sun Guaizi is already ecstatic,He put down the wine glass and patted Feng Le and Liang Shaotian affectionately on the shoulders,Few show off,“Eating together in society,The most important thing is to use your brain,Don’t think about fighting and killing all day long,For fart?Aren’tRead more

The interior of Nangar Temple is huge,The courtyard of the front hall is actually several times larger than the small square outside the mountain gate,More than 200 people thrown in and they are unconsciously crowded,Li Tianzhi concentrated on observing these selected believers,Have several notable features,Not extremely energetic,Is a strong body,There is unabashed worship and fanaticism in everyone’s eyes,Li Tianzhen dare to decide,There is no creation in these 200-odd numbers,All living mortals。

PS:Sorry,A little hurry today,Try to make up for the missing words tomorrow。 ———— Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Six Tentative These believers are obviously fanatics except for Li Tianzhu,Although I know how to converge when I come in,Still self-control,But in front of the main hall,Especially after the monks left,These people can’t help it anymore,Secretly stretchRead more

“Speaking that people in the city will be good.。”

Liu Mountain has not waited for another, and it starts to make brains.。 Liu Yanfeng is naturally very happy.。 “become,Since you want to do,That’s the nature of my sister, I have to go out this foot.。” “Tonight, my sister went to buy two bottles of good wine.,You are with your sister,Sister opening,You arrive at theRead more

“This is colleague’s car,She asked me to drive her to Pingdu by the way。Your sister-in-law!She doesn’t have this blessing,She shouldn’t even be able to ride a bicycle”Xia Jian said,Ben haha laughed。

Xi Zhen sighed and said:“I didn’t expect,Our suave manager Xia,The marriage partner is so low-key” “Oh!Beyond your expectation?”Xia Jian drove the car,While joking with Xi Zhen。 Xi Zhen sighed and said:“It really is。I thought,Your significant other,Not boss,Just**Official。Because i found,All around you are such beauties” What Xi Zhen said,Are all based,She doesn’t talk nonsense。With Xia JianRead more

Think of these,Wang Degui let out a long breath。

Suddenly a woman’s voice came from the gate:“Is this Wang Youcai’s house??” Wang Degui was taken aback,Can’t help but look up,I saw a very fashionable woman standing at the gate,It can be seen from her dress and temperament,She is by no means a rural person。 Chen Yueqin, who was cooking in the kitchen, heard theRead more

Chapter two Many gods

Magnolia continent,Since 5,000 years ago, the Lord of War gave the Godhead,And bound the mainland rules,More than four thousand years have passed。 These four thousand years,It was also an era in which the Pu’ang Empire and even the entire Magnolia Continent gave birth to many powerful gods.。 Except for the gods who refine the godsRead more

See this scene,Wang Youcai is really funny。He thought for a while and said:“Liu Ying!Waiting for the new year,I’ll let you go back a few days in advance。Stay now,Sometimes when I leave,Yao Chunni may not be able to do it alone”

“What’s wrong,Big iron door with one lock,Can’t get in anything”Yao Chunni suddenly laughed and said。 ———— First2092chapter Snow road insurance The winter sun is glowing white,It doesn’t seem to be warm to people。Wang Youcai listened to Liu Ying’s persuasion,Have lunch,Drove his broken jeep to Donglin Township。 These two days,Sunny day。The snow on the road meltedRead more

After the Chu Deirers left Zhang Zhen people’s closed customs,Also visited the water,At this time he has been sent to Wudang,But the situation of water,Zhang Zhen people have no good way,Just telling the water——Only,Desifening。

Translate into Mandarin,That is to talk to you.,Maybe you can wake up。 “Water girls don’t have to worry,I believe that the Zunyi’s own day,When the time is represented,Don’t see you in the first eye.。”Chu Deiren saw that the water is more subtracted.,Cardie。 “kindness,Chu Dage rest assured,Xiaomei understands。”The water is barely laughing.。 Chu Deirers thought aboutRead more

Along the way, you can see sporadic pirates carrying items from the island to the pirate ship。

From the level of pirates,These pirates who move things are unwelcome bottom or newcomers。 Because those powerful and powerful are raging on the road,Maybe pressing a woman,Or drinking just now。 Only these peripheral talents can do these hard work。 These people don’t need Leo’s orders,Those seamen took action to kill the pirates they saw。 “Don’tRead more

Peryan Ying,It’s the broadest genre of illusion。

This class,But because of those Dao Hearts,Or restrained by powerful practitioners! But he is also good at driving the big formation。 He clearly controls the eight great ancestors,Like rolling to the flesh,If the other party surrenders the magic weapon,Explain that the strength will not be very strong,Is to control。 If the opponent is strong,The EightRead more

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