“Humph!You just don’t have the ability to pretend that you are great……You can cure this old Mr. Hu。”

Xu Chao sees Fang Yu is leaving,Radical method。 “If i can cure him,He has to leave the hospital!”Fang Yu cold voice。 That thing about Xu Chao,Fang Yu remembers。 “you……Dean, don’t listen to him!I……” Xu Chao wants to explain。 but,Dean’s eyes are cold。 Nodded,“it is good,I promise you!” Xu Chao’s own operation failed,Is to accept punishment。Read more

“You can’t see it。”

Yan Chixia jumps this topic,Will I don’t delete the version of the heart method:“This card is designed to grind the mind to repair,It is followed by the item.,Your qualification is good,Diligent exercises must have harvested。” “The younger generation。” Liao Jie nodded,Professor Yan Cabsia,And the same as the white paper,so,He is more attaches the effects ofRead more

Although the three of them are not the main players of the Blades,But their military skills,Military qualities are not weaker than anyone。

Three to one,For Qin Hao,Tremendous stress,Especially the tacit understanding between the three of them。 Strictly guard against,Don’t give Qin Hao any chance to break,And a fierce attack came towards Qin Hao。 Can only say that,Qin Hao can’t find an effective breakthrough。 “Enter the automatic combat simulation system,”System news emerged in my mind。 Immediately Qin HaoRead more

then,Director Chen walked to Lu Yi’s side,Whispered in his ear:“young people,Endurance,Otherwise I can no longer guarantee that this watch will be broken for a few minutes……”

【This book was first published on the Zongzhong Chinese website,Please support genuine,Happy reading!】 ———— Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Four FlowersVSOscar(ten) Real-time score:“FP.Flowers:Oscar,Kill score16:45!” “Teammates,hold onto!I believe Master Lu and Zhang Song will be here soon!”Feng Xichuan almost exhausted his most strength。 They are worth showing off,This game,They just delayed the game time30Minutes later…… AndRead more

Afternoon,Various merchants opened,Hold some celebratory ceremonies,For a while,Rumbling,Various colored ribbons floated over the eastern wholesale market。

The owner has not finished,West home has started,For a while,This place becomes a sea of joy。Ma Xiaoli, who has been with Xia Jian, said with a thumbs up:“President Xia!Good for you,After such a toss,On TV at night,Every major newspaper will report again tomorrow,It’s strange that the eastern wholesale market is not hot” “Don’t we wantRead more

Zhang Song recalled,He and Lu Yi,This invisible classmate,The first time“close”communicate with,Is on this map……

then,He was due to the blackout of fashion Internet cafes,Reconnect after a dropped connection,Back to the game,Who knew I was stuckBUGAmong,Become a naked man in the air on the building model,The picture is teary。 And heard Lu Yi’s admonition,But he has become a deaf ear,I almost didn’t recognize a dad in that father-son game。But justRead more

This is their place!

Converge a little bit,Veteran、The heads are all present! “Ha ha,Big tone,these years,Dare to speak out in our Mianshan Sword Sect,You are the second。”The commandment hall master came up,A driving force。 Man is like this,No fight for a day,Shang Fang Jie Wa! ———— First232chapter A female stream “Who is the first?”Zhu Minglang asked curiously。 “A swordsmanRead more

Mu Zihao is a favorite,I can’t hate yourself.。

Le Yu, I am glad.,“how can that be possible?” Le Yu is slightly eye-catching,And Wen Langxiao,Let her lose confidence to men。 For Muzi,She has no idea now。 She still needs to fight unexpensively,She wants her to make her baby,Like Purple Maxim,Let him become the classics in the entertainment industry。 This kid star is 璀璨,From theRead more

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