“Little Lord。。。Little Lord!”Hand fell and stumbled into the house,See Yun Kongming,Half-kneeled in a hurry,Yunkong will already be impatient tomorrow morning。

“Say it,Has my brother turned out to be Ye Fuming?!”Yun Kongming’s eyes are full of expectation,He desperately needs such good news now。 The eyes are erratic,I dare not look up at Yun Kongming。 Yun Kongming sees this guy’s face is wrong,It’s a little bit in my heart“Did something happen??” “News from the college,Young Master SufferedRead more

When Xia Jian was about to speak,Bai Li and the others walked into the office together。So he pressed the words back to the throat。

“Call in Bai Li and Chen Lan,Let me tell you a few things”Xia Jian suddenly said to Guan Tingna。 Guan Tingna walked out of Xia Jian’s office,Called Bai Li and Chen Lan in。Chen Lan entered Xia Jian’s office,A little embarrassed to say:“Sorry Mr. Xia!Came a little late today,The bus had a little trouble on theRead more

Xia Jian crept open the door,Soon Zhou Li walked out holding Xiao Chenchen。Xia Jian took over Xiao Chenchen,Kept carrying him to the car parked on the side of the road。

Zhou Li went back and took some things from Xiao Chenchen,Mentioned it。Xia Jian watched Zhou Li get in the car,Then waved,Turned away。 “Xia Jian!When you need help,Despite opening”Zhou Li suddenly stretched her head out of the window,I lowered my voice and shouted something like this。 Xia Jian didn’t look back,Did not speak,He walked back toRead more


Let other members of the Annoying Academy leave,Zhu Minglang screwed Lian Feiling,Take Liang Zhong to Runyu City。 Lian Feiling is very angry,He is the Dean,How can I be dragged around like an old dog,The most hateful thing is Liang Zhong’s extra indulgence to Zhu Minglang! When we are about to arrive at Runyu City,Liang ZhongRead more

“This can wait until you go to the central media to ask that Jiang sister,Your brother gave you the host’s phone number just now,You can add her to WeChat later,If you don’t understand anything you don’t understand when you come to the central media, you can ask these seniors for more advice.。”Lu Yuxin helped Guo Xiaoyi answer。

“what?My brother asked the hostess’s phone?sister in law,Don’t be fooled by my brother,Talking about my dear brother,Are you under my banner,Want to plot something wrong??I only recognize Sister Lu as a sister-in-law。”Guo Xiaoyi said proudly。 Wang Yufei frowned upon hearing this,Looking at Guo Xiaoyi boredly and said:“How old are you?Who instilled so much mess withRead more

When Wang Teng saw this,Now,Wang Teng is very simple,I didn’t forget to speak to my eyes。

slowly,When Wang Teng was talking here,at this time,Wang Teng’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。 Other things,Actually, there is nothing to consider for the time being。 But here,Wang Teng doesn’t feel much at all。 “All right,Actually other things,For the time being, there is nothing to entangle。” “Since you have completely spared it now,Just let go!”Read more

Li Hui said with the wind, I started acupuncture on the legs of my grandmother.。

Since the rheumatism of the elderly is somewhat serious,Adding age is also a big,Li Hui Feng This useful gold needle is also a lot.。 Bloody sea,Ququet,Knee,Yingu,Yinlingquan,Knee,D,Yak,The golden needle full of Zhongdu Point Legs,Sad Ping is also some fear。 But the old grandmother’s face is an excitement,Because of pain before pain, it is hard to squeezeRead more

When I mentioned Chen Gui’s family,,Wang Youcai’s drunkenness healed instantly,Not only can he walk straight,Even talk,Also clear a lot。

The two were walking slowly under the dim street lamp,In fact, it was more than three o’clock in the night。The whole village is very quiet,Even the dogs that watch the night,At this time it seems to have fallen asleep。 Xia Jian sent Wang Youcai to the gate of his house,Watched him enter the gate,Heard someoneRead more

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