“How is the situation of this United Credit Bank?”Chen Geng asked。

“In the ranking of the U.S. banking industry just announced last year,United Credit Bank8623.45Ten thousand U.S. dollars in turnover ranks No. 1 in the U.S. banking industry683Bit,Business coverage is Lansing、Detroit、The three cities of Grand Rapids,Total12Outlets,have80Multiple employees,Last year’s net profit was26.35Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And before that,They are profitable every year,Banks have almost no bad assets。” “SoundsRead more

“Boeing said,Boeing noticed the rapid development of COMAC,Mr. Setins hopes to learn about some COMAC through this visit,See if there is an opportunity for cooperation between the two parties……”Speaking of which,Kelly·Hicks is quite proud:“boss,Boeing wants to work with us。”

“Boeing wants to work with us?”Chen Geng smiled and shook his head:“When did Boeing be so kind?” “what?”Kelly·Hicks froze for a moment,Didn’t react for a while。 Chen Geng didn’t mean to explain。 Kelly·Hicks,Although she was immersed in the excitement that Boeing took the initiative to come to Chen Geng for cooperation,I can see Chen Geng’sRead more

Say a word in my heart:“If it will,I’ll give you the first one!”

“Oh,is it,So to say,The person who hacked,you know?”Qin Feng asked,This is not yours,But you know,This seems to be knowing。 right now,Qin Feng knew,This guy didn’t lie to him,Because eight.I’ve always said this is Gu,And I just told him beforehand,That’s sick! “I’m just guessing this,because,I have no internal strength now,Can’t judge at all,Is this a GuRead more

of course,Qin Feng didn’t mean to blame that guy,After all, Chen Feng and him are not a cooperative relationship。So the other party has no reason to stay。

Besides,The matter between myself and Chu Xiao,Is it an internal struggle??At least Qin Feng himself thought! “Ugh,I thought the special forces were all comrades。Who can think of a Nine Heavens Chu Xiao,Actually came to fuck me。Is it really difficult for me to move in an island country??” Qin Feng said to himself。 But he justRead more

The man on the bed suddenly howled in sorrow:“Whoops,I’m dying,You blackhearted people,I already do,also……”

“Big brother,I am you,I retreat wisely,I dare not continue to be involved in such a whirlpool,We failed,To die is to go up the sky to a restaurant,But if you fail,It is possible that the family will be destroyed。” I don’t threaten you,But locally,You definitely can’t get along,Even in this province,I have a way to makeRead more

“If so,Don’t need you to say,I cleaned him up。”

Yun might as well make sure that Qin Feng is also relieved,I hope this is what I said to this guy,If not like this, it will be a little troublesome。 “Well,You let him come and report when he has time,I look at his ability here,Starting salary is three thousand,If he really has no abilities,Then goRead more

Just like a girl,When boys stay together,Most of the talks are girls。

My last life,I used to lie down with Wang Shaoxiao like this,Chatting with girls I like。This feeling of deja vu,Really beautiful! “Hey,what happened to you?What’s in a daze?This fat guy is asking you questions very seriously!”Wang Shaoxiao saw Lu Menglin’s soul out of his body,So scared that he quickly asked。 Lu Menglin settled down,Smiled:“That’s hardRead more

just,Opponent this time,Too powerful!

Not to mention the leader of the dark dragon,Have mastered the rules of space,Can teleport anywhere on the earth,Come and go,It’s simply an invincible existence,Just the dragon army,In just a few days,The number of those dragon monsters has reached three thousand,And it’s still expanding。 According to the observations and speculations of the Earth Alliance,Whenever theRead more

This hesitation,So many people have a bad impression of him。Especially the audience in the Populus Live Room,I think Yan Xiaoshu is a fool。

at this time,Still hesitate,Is going to die! The people in the program group see things going badly,Come out and muddy:“Everyone step back,how is it?Both sides moved their hands anyway,Don’t suffer,right?” Populus shook his head:“Everyone moved,But he does it first,If you don’t apologize,I will choose to call the police。” At this moment,The stall owner also joinsRead more

Huo Yunhe was talking,Laugh softly,“really,Not long after,I saw you again in a fruit shop,When chasing out,You are gone。”

The a little annoyed man exhaled quietly,“I’m afraid I won’t find you,I’m afraid you have a boyfriend,Then my love at first sight,Not just a joke。” “.and then?”Yangliu didn’t know he had seen himself long ago,Seeing his infatuation,Eyes become wet,“If i have a boyfriend,Will you grab it??” “do not know。” Huo Yunhe didn’t lie,At that time,Read more

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