He contacted his company colleagues on the road,Let them arrange a trusted private doctor,Hello address,Drove the car directly to the hospital。

This way,None of the three spoke。 Chen Jiannan just secretly said in his heart,Lu Menglin is like a god,If he hadn’t notified himself in advance,Miss Zhu Qiuhong suffered today。 But at the moment it looks,Although Zhu Qiuhong’s body is fine,But mentally it was a huge blow,The whole person is like a clay sculpture,I have lostRead more

And the leader of the Black Dragon Army, Mo Tinggu, is the leader,Best at seeing the enemy from military appearance,He only needs a glance,The crossbow arrows just now are not easy,All used standard short crossbows,This kind of weapon is not affordable for ordinary people,Only the big men in the royal family will be equipped。

and so,When Prince Ning gave the order to catch the woman,The two super powers did not make any moves。 There are a few guards from Prince Ning’s Palace,Or it’s not mindful,Just know what to do,Actually took the first two steps,Holding a knife in hand,Ready to take down Princess Huanhai。 This time,Even Lu Menglin didn’t makeRead more

Everyone thought about it,Seems right!How to say,Is it an antique too??Although the content is rubbish,But calligraphy still has merit,The paper material for memorials is also good,And seal,Why is it worth some money??

“Like memorial、Imperial edict,Belongs to a more partial collection。Keep it for yourself!Another day,Encountered collectors in this area,I inform you。 In addition,This folder is a boutique,With the seal of the cabinet and the emperor,Tens of thousands is something someone is willing to ask for。”Hu Yang told Xiao Gao。 Don’t talk about the others,It’s just the disaster reliefRead more

When they are together,Once in high spirits,He took out his phone and wanted to take a photo to enjoy,But she is too conservative,Say nothing。

That’s Yan-Photo,Although it doesn’t matter if you take this photo between lovers,Can both enhance the relationship,It’s another sunny fun,but,No one can guarantee that the phone will not be dropped,In case it gets picked up,See such a fragrant picture. She didn’t dare to think further! Huo Yunhe’s interest is disturbed,A little sad,But what she said isRead more

it’s good now,There are opportunities to make foreign exchange by exporting,How can I not hold it firmly?

But Chen Geng was a little dumbfounded:“There are also leading comrades from the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Industry and the State Administration of Computer Industry?” He thought these projects were introduced by the Fourth Machinery Department,Ok,The fourth machine department is the Ministry of Electronics Industry after the reorganization next year and theRead more

“Yunhe,Girl is fine?Did you take her to the apartment?”

“Cough cough.” Huo Yun, who is eating, don’t know that grandma would be so direct,Isn’t that mother’s patent?? “You kid,Grandma asks you something,What are you coughing up?” Yun Minzhi pours his son a glass of water,Slightly complaining words rang in his ears,“If you really look at her girl,But you have to bring it home asRead more

When the last person fell to the ground,Qin Feng patted the dust on his body,The man in a suit looking intently at the corner,Waved at him,“you!come!”

“Guru!Guru!” Wang Mengmeng looked at Qin Feng’s tall back,Shocked face。 They all know that Qin Feng is very strong,But they never thought,Qin Feng is actually so strong。 Take ten,Effortlessly。 Su Rou as a karate coach,In her opinion,Qin Feng’s physical ability has surpassed human limits。 “Brother Qin Feng is amazing,It’s like walking out of a comic。”WangRead more

That person asked:“Can the three of you understand Mandarin?”

The three shook their heads,Seeing that man replied bitterly:“We can’t understand a few sentences!Brother Nafeng,What shall we do?” The guy named Feng hummed,Replied:“What do you tell me?Don’t say when you come,Just say Brother Feng, let’s go too,It’s not a problem to snooze at home,Only go outside,To have a chance to make a fortune?This is soRead more


I heard it was Anthony who came to visit Chen Geng·Johnson,Alister·Jack suddenly had the urge to copy the guy and do a fight with him:Why is that damn bastard again? As two established avionics companies in the UK,GECThe company and Marconi have a high degree of overlap in business areas,High overlap in business is reallyRead more

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