Is the power of the sword、The power of Jiuyou reaches the fifth realm,Are all top true gods,Comparable to him。

And the fifth state of mind,Still above it。 Ancient Three Realms,The Golden Crow harms all beings,A group of true gods ancestors chased and killed。The ancient god Kuafu chased them and fled。 But finally killed the nine golden crows,Including the true god among them,But it’s the god Houyi—-because of him,Comprehend the mental strength of the fifthRead more


Chen Xiu said in surprise:“Is his brain sick?,How did you do this to your daughter?!” “My dad is crazy now,One line is to find Ge Hong。” Ou Sheng said slowly:“Ye Lao and I went to the airport to chase him back,He didn’t see a chance to leave,Pretending to promise us to come back。After returning toRead more

“Patriarch,Let me kill this dog,I don’t think Lingxiao City-state intends to negotiate with us at all,And send this person to insult us!”The teenager just now finally can’t stand this kind of madman,Anger。

“It is said that the generation of the Li family is not as good as the generation,Countless fools,Sure enough。You can come up and kill me now,If no one stops you,I hold my sword through my throat,If someone stops,You kneel and chew the core and skin I spit out!”Yang Xiu laughed,Arrogant voice。 ———— First38chapter Naming NaRead more

Sundar nods slightly,Yes,That’s what he meant。

Otherwise, Google’s quantum supremacy will become a joke。 However, the answer he received was not safe enough to satisfy him。 “Sorry,Mr. Pichai,You may not understand the law of scientific development。Eight months,I personally think it’s already a great breakthrough in quantum computer technology.,If you want a big breakthrough,I personally think it is unlikely。” John·Martinis answered veryRead more

“Hey!Sanshao is back!”Zhang Er came out from somewhere,Shocked Wang Youcai, who was thinking about things。Wang Youcai’s angry face,But he still endured it,No episodes。 If this is placed before,He has to kick both feet。

Wang Youcai took two steps forward,Suddenly stopped and asked Zhang Erdao:“what happened?Is there something wrong??” “Yes indeed!Look at the folks in our village,You took Chen Gui out to work,Can’t leave me alone!Actually, my family’s situation is far more difficult than Chen Gui’s,So you have to find me a job”Zhang Er said,Came over with a smile。Read more

Shook his head vigorously,Wright’s head is clearer,Names of adoptive parents shouting loudly,But no response。

Go to the end of the room,Wright found a door—Probably the door,Although it is completely different from the known doors that Wright has seen,Made entirely of metal,But I don’t want any kind of metal I have ever seen,There is a polished glass window in the middle of the door,Very transparent and bright,Can see the oppositeRead more

“The emperor encourages,The effect is naturally different,But just a few words can make him believe the so-called‘Legend’Nonsense,This mysterious person is really extraordinary。”Although Li Tianzhen sneered,But also secretly surprised,God Emperor is a generation of heroes,Outstanding Mind,How can you be easily swayed by others?But if it’s not for the emperor’s instructions and encouragement,,Where can we gather all these gods?,Almost all the powerhouses of the gods。

“Ha ha,Taoist friends just want to know the identity of this god,Actually, I really don’t know,Let’s call it a masterpiece,Is it the legendary creation god?,The old don’t dare to guess,But this person’s supernatural powers are real.,The holy mountain is placed in our metaworld,It’s his handwriting,Smoothly,I also chose the Eight Gods and Demons as the guardian,It’sRead more

Gu Rimou interrupted and said:“I advise you to go see it once,I also know a little about facial features。I think that He Shouheng is the look of the eagle and the wolf,It’s a low-hearted generation,Untrustworthy。”

Chen Xiu’s heart trembled,Recall the acquaintance between myself and He Shouheng,It is indeed mixed with a lot of water,For example, at the beginning, he and himself were also because of the task of the gambler,Even though he also told himself later,But overall,The acquaintance with He Shouheng still can’t do the same as Geng Gong Daoming.。Read more

Jia Lina stand up,Open the drawer of the bedside table,Drew out a stack of banknotes and put them in front of Xia Jian:“Two thousand yuan,Enough for you for a few days,But in advance,I gave you this money,Has nothing to do with wages“

Xia Jian knew that Jia Lina made money now,So he is not welcome,Took the money away,Made a funny face and smiled:“thank you boss!“ “Took my money,Have to do something for me,You arrive at the county town tomorrow,Place more orders for these goods,Let them come over these few days“Jia Lina said,Took out a list from hisRead more

First1627chapter Will count

Zhao Chunling slowly understood what Xia Jian meant,She asked coldly:“Can this really make a lot of money??” “That’s not,As long as we two cooperate well,I will rely on this to buy a house in the future,There is nothing wrong with buying a car”When Xia Jian said this,,Deliberately put the voice high。 Zhao Chunling glanced atRead more

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