Afternoon,Various merchants opened,Hold some celebratory ceremonies,For a while,Rumbling,Various colored ribbons floated over the eastern wholesale market。

The owner has not finished,West home has started,For a while,This place becomes a sea of joy。Ma Xiaoli, who has been with Xia Jian, said with a thumbs up:“President Xia!Good for you,After such a toss,On TV at night,Every major newspaper will report again tomorrow,It’s strange that the eastern wholesale market is not hot” “Don’t we wantRead more


Let other members of the Annoying Academy leave,Zhu Minglang screwed Lian Feiling,Take Liang Zhong to Runyu City。 Lian Feiling is very angry,He is the Dean,How can I be dragged around like an old dog,The most hateful thing is Liang Zhong’s extra indulgence to Zhu Minglang! When we are about to arrive at Runyu City,Liang ZhongRead more

“Hello!My name is Qi Rui!”

“My name is Chen Jiaying.!Ph.D. in Japan!Just return to China!See you here to recruit a doctor,And a lot of salary,So just try!is it okay?” “sure!Please tell me to the office.!” Chen Jiaying laughed with Fu Ying Xueyou,Then follow Rui Rui to the first floor office。 “Is the beauty of the embroidery??”Chen Jiaying asked, “Be right!ProficientRead more

First1026chapter Almost caught

This lamb is eating,But the scent of sorrow also provokes。 When Ma Hongfang proposed,If she gets divorced,To let Wang Youcai support her,Wang Youcai’s heart still stunned,You said it’s okay to play casually,He pays a little money,Doesn’t matter,If you really want him to raise,He doesn’t have this in his heart。 “okay!You go,I just talk about,We won’tRead more

White figure comes from flash special effects,French Hai Li in the mountain,Looking at the flood of the running,Frown:“The natural disasters will be found,But I am compassionate,Let the poor help you escape the bad luck。”

Say,His dish is sitting down,Thoughtful and light golden light,And the knife is pressed against the water。 “Nanlu,Wash away the fierce,Yang Bing sprinkles,Puzzle,I have a spell today.,Cleanweather。” “open!!” Switch is divided into two,The invisible wind is open to the rush,Prestigious torrent,Guide it in the underground。 Pressure reduction,Small jackets said in Bai Suzhen:“elder sister,It is the monkRead more

Chapter two Many gods

Magnolia continent,Since 5,000 years ago, the Lord of War gave the Godhead,And bound the mainland rules,More than four thousand years have passed。 These four thousand years,It was also an era in which the Pu’ang Empire and even the entire Magnolia Continent gave birth to many powerful gods.。 Except for the gods who refine the godsRead more

In the eyes of the waning moon world god,That is the power of totally subversive cognition。

One world,It’s also comparable to the Three Footpath? In her cognition,Even if it’s mental flow,Has a godlike body comparable to that of a Taoist monarch、Mana,Master the strongest way of integration,At best, his strength is close to the threshold of the Three-Step Dao Monarch.。 Waning Moon World God will not question the intelligence information given toRead more

Wang Youcai comforted Ni Xiaoli,So I took time to go back to Xiping Village。As soon as he arrived at the door of his house,Everything in the courtyard has changed。The main body of the new house is fully completed,The workers are busy painting。

Chen Gui, who was supervising the work, greeted Wang Youcai when he saw Wang Youcai。He laughed:“How about boss king?Still satisfied?” Wang Youcai walked in,Said with a smile:“Really good,You have worked hard。After completion,I will reward you well” “Forget the reward,You can’t forget about my work”Chen Gui with a smiley face,Speak softly。 Wang Youcai stopped,He glanced atRead more

See these,at this time,For the moment,Actually such a problem,It’s still completely necessary to solve the problem.。

“Don’t do it,We surrender。” For the moment,Actually they don’t know,What should I do now。 But it looks like,Next,Surrender first。 As for the owner of the Hong family,He can still be a little influential when he is alive。 but now,He is dead。 Are these people,Also because of Hong Deshao,Offended Wang Teng? If you do,obviously,Definitely a veryRead more

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