The eight fairy table in the yard is equipped with Taishi Chair.,It is a person who will enjoy it.,The ancient breath is also blowing。

Under the bouncing table,The original bluestone ground seems to be high-end atmosphere.。 Even if the small grass in the blue stone gap is as if it is deliberate。 “Lee brother,You can count,How about it? Is there a shock??” For the present decoration design,Ye Shuangzhou is very satisfied。 “Hey-hey,I am sure that I am shocked.,But thisRead more

“Humph!You just don’t have the ability to pretend that you are great……You can cure this old Mr. Hu。”

Xu Chao sees Fang Yu is leaving,Radical method。 “If i can cure him,He has to leave the hospital!”Fang Yu cold voice。 That thing about Xu Chao,Fang Yu remembers。 “you……Dean, don’t listen to him!I……” Xu Chao wants to explain。 but,Dean’s eyes are cold。 Nodded,“it is good,I promise you!” Xu Chao’s own operation failed,Is to accept punishment。Read more

Wang Guilan, who was about to talk, was hugged by Wang Youcai,at this time,A man’s voice came from outside the door:“Guilan!Get me some money,I’m going to a wedding where I can add friends”

“Waiting outside”Wang Guihua shouted,Struggling,He broke free from Wang Youcai’s embrace。 Wang Youcai hurriedly picked up a jar of mustard and walked out,He had a face-to-face encounter with the man who walked in,This man is not someone else,Which man is Wang Guilan?。 “Boss Wang!Then I will add another jar of mustard to the account”Wang Guilan pretendedRead more

“Little Lord。。。Little Lord!”Hand fell and stumbled into the house,See Yun Kongming,Half-kneeled in a hurry,Yunkong will already be impatient tomorrow morning。

“Say it,Has my brother turned out to be Ye Fuming?!”Yun Kongming’s eyes are full of expectation,He desperately needs such good news now。 The eyes are erratic,I dare not look up at Yun Kongming。 Yun Kongming sees this guy’s face is wrong,It’s a little bit in my heart“Did something happen??” “News from the college,Young Master SufferedRead more

This period of time is all good news,Tan Hongchun is honest,Pantech is dying,One more kick will basically raise your braids,Geng Laowu hid far away in the valley and didn’t dare to move,His proud disciple Li Tianchou squatted in the prison and waited to take a gun.。Ha ha,great,Great!Let you see whose world Fukuyama is,Overpowering,Run here to grab food with Lao Tzu,Is it too long??

So many good things,Can’t even think about it,Under the praise of several brothers,Sun Guaizi is already ecstatic,He put down the wine glass and patted Feng Le and Liang Shaotian affectionately on the shoulders,Few show off,“Eating together in society,The most important thing is to use your brain,Don’t think about fighting and killing all day long,For fart?Aren’tRead more

“Ok!Let’s talk about it after we meet,I let Ali pick you up”Luo Yi finished this sentence,Hung up before Xia Jian could speak。

Xia Jian understands Luo Yi’s meaning,That means Ali must come to pick him up,Let him go to her house,Nothing more。 If this matter is to be put before,Xia Jian is too happy,But now it’s different。Because if he didn’t guess wrong,Luo Yi has a famous flower,He is going to the Luo family at this time,Isn’t itRead more

Guo Xiaoyi said confidently。

“No way!” Wang Yufei cuts the railroad:“Since there are so many schools to choose from,And it is clearly stated that it can be recommended or waived for admission,Then I don’t think you can choose Huaqing。of course,I’m not saying that Huaqing is not good,If you like science、Engineering and even some unpopular border subjects,Huaqing is indeed oneRead more

But there is a sentence.——Everyone is so familiar.,If the Chu Deirers must want to have a ladder,Not can’t teach,After all, it is just a light power.。

Wusang ladder is really a big name,Although it is not like Tai Chi Sword,It is the town of Wudang,But it is also equivalent to Jin Yanong’s full-term education、Can be considered Wudang’s signature。 certainly,What is the right foot?,The original is not,Only similar operations have been in the drama,However, Guo Jingxue is Jin Yan.。 Because“Ladder cloud”This name,ThereRead more

Who could this be?Xia Jian was puzzled,Is it because I have a magic angle?It should be impossible!This kind of thing has never happened to him。

Back to my room,Xia Jian fetched a basin of water,Cleaned the room well。Once the room is cleaned,Xia Jian felt hungry。No wonder,I still had lunch,It’s this time,I’m not hungry。 When Xia Jian was thinking about how to settle his stomach first,Suddenly there was a slight sound of footsteps in the yard,Immediately after his door opened,Ma YanRead more

“You can’t see it。”

Yan Chixia jumps this topic,Will I don’t delete the version of the heart method:“This card is designed to grind the mind to repair,It is followed by the item.,Your qualification is good,Diligent exercises must have harvested。” “The younger generation。” Liao Jie nodded,Professor Yan Cabsia,And the same as the white paper,so,He is more attaches the effects ofRead more

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