Think of these,Wang Degui let out a long breath。

Suddenly a woman’s voice came from the gate:“Is this Wang Youcai’s house??” Wang Degui was taken aback,Can’t help but look up,I saw a very fashionable woman standing at the gate,It can be seen from her dress and temperament,She is by no means a rural person。 Chen Yueqin, who was cooking in the kitchen, heard theRead more

Isn’t it dying????

Why isn’t the skin and the body together?!! “Don’t panic,Don’t panic……Big black crocodile,what……Why is there still light in your overflowing blood!”Xiaoli was surprised。 “Oh!!”Big Black Tooth took another look at his wound,It really is,Blood is glowing!! Over,Dead,Can’t cure!! “Master,Master,Not good,Not good!!”Xiaoli ran to the inner room in a panic。 The old gentleman glared at theRead more