Xia Jian crept open the door,Soon Zhou Li walked out holding Xiao Chenchen。Xia Jian took over Xiao Chenchen,Kept carrying him to the car parked on the side of the road。

Zhou Li went back and took some things from Xiao Chenchen,Mentioned it。Xia Jian watched Zhou Li get in the car,Then waved,Turned away。 “Xia Jian!When you need help,Despite opening”Zhou Li suddenly stretched her head out of the window,I lowered my voice and shouted something like this。 Xia Jian didn’t look back,Did not speak,He walked back toRead more

“This is colleague’s car,She asked me to drive her to Pingdu by the way。Your sister-in-law!She doesn’t have this blessing,She shouldn’t even be able to ride a bicycle”Xia Jian said,Ben haha laughed。

Xi Zhen sighed and said:“I didn’t expect,Our suave manager Xia,The marriage partner is so low-key” “Oh!Beyond your expectation?”Xia Jian drove the car,While joking with Xi Zhen。 Xi Zhen sighed and said:“It really is。I thought,Your significant other,Not boss,Just**Official。Because i found,All around you are such beauties” What Xi Zhen said,Are all based,She doesn’t talk nonsense。With Xia JianRead more