Looking at the beauty of the three clothes,Liao Wenjie’s brain floated a series of question marks,This police is not strong,There are so many beautiful women.,It’s too unreasonable.。 Dare to ask,Is Zhao Guard?? the other side,Sheng II, anti-defense alarm,Three fangs in the enemy,And are beautiful women,I don’t have to come to tears.。 Brief introduction,Liao Wenjie learnedRead more

Chen Gui is asking for directions,If Wang Youcai won’t answer his call,,Or it has been shut down,This shows that Meizi has something to do with him,This shows the guilty conscience。But when his phone rang, Wang Youcai picked it up,This shows that there is no ghost in his heart。

Chen Gui on the phone sighed and said:“I came back from a trip today,Found Meizi lying naked in the quilt,The key is that there is a small dining table on the kang,The cutlery on the table is for two people” “You caught someone?”When Wang Youcai asked this,,Almost laughed。He didn’t enter the hall directly,But entered theRead more