“Speaking that people in the city will be good.。”

Liu Mountain has not waited for another, and it starts to make brains.。 Liu Yanfeng is naturally very happy.。 “become,Since you want to do,That’s the nature of my sister, I have to go out this foot.。” “Tonight, my sister went to buy two bottles of good wine.,You are with your sister,Sister opening,You arrive at theRead more

before,The spiritual realm is an ordinary pasture,Dragon beast inside,The nourishment is nothing but growth。

But now it’s a fertile aura,Sleep inside,The cultivation base is faster than those monsters in the jungle looking for spirit fruits! “Source Spirit Realm。” “It seems to be increased to fifty times。” “Fifty times faster,Not to mention that this will greatly improve dragon breeding in the future,Absorb the aura of the Yunhai Spirit Eye again,XiaoRead more