Just because it is“Dumb”,Look honestly,There is no bad habits for the high wine colorful wine without Xuan Ming.,So Zhao Min trust some。

“It’s you?”Golden Flower Mother-in-law is already preparing to kill the Kutu man,Always wait for an opportunity to go。 How is it at this time?,I met my own enemies。 Although Fan Yai is more than ten years ago,Some changes in the figure、appearance……Specially more ugly,But the golden flower mother-in-law does not recognize the destruction.,But I have neverRead more

The interior of Nangar Temple is huge,The courtyard of the front hall is actually several times larger than the small square outside the mountain gate,More than 200 people thrown in and they are unconsciously crowded,Li Tianzhi concentrated on observing these selected believers,Have several notable features,Not extremely energetic,Is a strong body,There is unabashed worship and fanaticism in everyone’s eyes,Li Tianzhen dare to decide,There is no creation in these 200-odd numbers,All living mortals。

PS:Sorry,A little hurry today,Try to make up for the missing words tomorrow。 ———— Chapter Seven Hundred and Ninety Six Tentative These believers are obviously fanatics except for Li Tianzhu,Although I know how to converge when I come in,Still self-control,But in front of the main hall,Especially after the monks left,These people can’t help it anymore,Secretly stretchRead more