“You can’t see it。”

Yan Chixia jumps this topic,Will I don’t delete the version of the heart method:“This card is designed to grind the mind to repair,It is followed by the item.,Your qualification is good,Diligent exercises must have harvested。” “The younger generation。” Liao Jie nodded,Professor Yan Cabsia,And the same as the white paper,so,He is more attaches the effects ofRead more

When Xia Jian was about to speak,Bai Li and the others walked into the office together。So he pressed the words back to the throat。

“Call in Bai Li and Chen Lan,Let me tell you a few things”Xia Jian suddenly said to Guan Tingna。 Guan Tingna walked out of Xia Jian’s office,Called Bai Li and Chen Lan in。Chen Lan entered Xia Jian’s office,A little embarrassed to say:“Sorry Mr. Xia!Came a little late today,The bus had a little trouble on theRead more