But there is a sentence.——Everyone is so familiar.,If the Chu Deirers must want to have a ladder,Not can’t teach,After all, it is just a light power.。

Wusang ladder is really a big name,Although it is not like Tai Chi Sword,It is the town of Wudang,But it is also equivalent to Jin Yanong’s full-term education、Can be considered Wudang’s signature。 certainly,What is the right foot?,The original is not,Only similar operations have been in the drama,However, Guo Jingxue is Jin Yan.。 Because“Ladder cloud”This name,ThereRead more

Who could this be?Xia Jian was puzzled,Is it because I have a magic angle?It should be impossible!This kind of thing has never happened to him。

Back to my room,Xia Jian fetched a basin of water,Cleaned the room well。Once the room is cleaned,Xia Jian felt hungry。No wonder,I still had lunch,It’s this time,I’m not hungry。 When Xia Jian was thinking about how to settle his stomach first,Suddenly there was a slight sound of footsteps in the yard,Immediately after his door opened,Ma YanRead more