“Ok!Let’s talk about it after we meet,I let Ali pick you up”Luo Yi finished this sentence,Hung up before Xia Jian could speak。

Xia Jian understands Luo Yi’s meaning,That means Ali must come to pick him up,Let him go to her house,Nothing more。 If this matter is to be put before,Xia Jian is too happy,But now it’s different。Because if he didn’t guess wrong,Luo Yi has a famous flower,He is going to the Luo family at this time,Isn’t itRead more

Guo Xiaoyi said confidently。

“No way!” Wang Yufei cuts the railroad:“Since there are so many schools to choose from,And it is clearly stated that it can be recommended or waived for admission,Then I don’t think you can choose Huaqing。of course,I’m not saying that Huaqing is not good,If you like science、Engineering and even some unpopular border subjects,Huaqing is indeed oneRead more